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About Crepe Haus & El Compadre

Crepe Haus and El Compadre is a family-owned local restaurant. We serve Crepes, Mexican food and have a full service bar to provide beer, wine and cocktails. Our mission to have a space where everyone is welcomed and we have a selection for everyone and anyone who has a food allergy or dietary restriction/ preference. We strive to be a unique location where there is a lil' bit of something for everyone! 

This restaurant combination was created when a father decided to combine forces with his son and daughter-in-law. El Compadre has been a family-owned restaurant serving western Washington and Warrenton, OR for 25+ years. The Husband and Wife team of the whole operation has 10+ years experience owning a crepe restaurant in western Washington and recently sold their half of their old restaurant to pursue their own dreams as a team! When Papa El Compadre found a location in the Tri-Cities, the idea of combing forces to create a unique experience was formed. This is how Crepe Haus and EL Compadre came to be. 

Though Crepes and Mexican might seem like an odd duo, the community has loved the unique experience and we hope to grow and become a place where everyone feels at home and enjoys their stay! 

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2100 N Belfair ST,

Kennewick WA, 99336


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