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Upcoming Events

Join us for these special events happening here at Crepe Haus + El Compadre!

Family Paint Night

Join us for a fun family paint night each month. Paint something different each month, and have a great time. No experience panting is necessary. You do need to register before the event, and you can find all those details on our Facebook Page under Events! 

Biz to Biz

This networking organization has a few different chapters with weekly meetings focused on a give to give mentality so that everyone can accomplish success. The Tuesday morning group meets from 9-10:15 am, Wednesday meets 8-9:15 am, and Thursday meets from 8:30-9:45 am. Feel free to visit as a guest anytime! Learn more here. 

Network in Action 

This is a monthly business networking meeting with a focus on breaking down the barriers that limit your ability to grow and succeed. Learn from one another, collaborate, and build relationships that help you to be successful, and scale your business. Feel free to visit any time and get all the details here. They meet on the second Tuesday of each month.  

Professional Women's Empowerment Network Washington Chapter

This group is led by Anne Jordan, and they meet on the last Thursday of each month. Join this group of women to get to know each other and come together to collaborate and empower one another. Learn more about it here

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